The prospect of something new is an exciting and adventurous idea. At times when our life is busy and we get older, we may feel less content with our lives and become a bit bored with the same old schedule. If this applies to you, I advise you to add a traditional Thai massage in Marylebone road to your weekly routine to relieve stress and discomfort. From experience, I can confidently tell you that it will change your life and make you feel free and energised in ways that you have never been before. It has been a part of Asian culture for centuries and has now been brought to the Western world as it is on demand from European men who cannot get enough of.

Each massage therapist has been carefully selected based on their beauty, skill, massage techniques and a passion for what they do. Ranging from ages 20 years old to 25 years obviously, they are trained to a professional level, but it is their passion and desire to please that sets them apart from other masseuses. Each girl has been trained at some of the top massage therapy schools across Asia and has perfected their style to be the best they can be for all of their lovely clients. We make sure we only hire friendly and welcoming masseuses as our clients matter to us and we want you to feel welcomed and comfortable while you are in our Marylebone road massage parlour.

Our Marylebone Services & Prices

Our parlour is known for offering a range of massage services so no matter what you are in the mood for, we can accommodate you. Our most popular massages are our happy ending massage (massage with happy ending £120) and our Full service massage (massage, handjob, blowjob and sex £160). We also offer a Nuru massage for £30 extra with massage oils, and most of our other extras are £20. If you require further services then you can have a chat with your selected masseuse prior to your session and they will be open and happy to catering just for you, unlike your average massage parlour each therapeutic massage is erotic and has styles like no other so don’t just expect a deep tissue massage with hot stone because there is a lot more that will surprise you. We pride ourselves on making each session an individual one to suit that particular client, and we listen to your wants, needs and desires.

If you would like to book a massage with us then please contact us, we are more than happy to answer any of your questions or queries, we are open 7 days a week and only closed for Christmas day throughout the year, yes we are incredibly convenient. Our parlour set in Marylebone is one of the few locations that we are based and is only a few minutes walk apart from each parlour, don’t hesitate to call for enquiries.

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