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Double the hands, double the fun!

Whoever said “two’s company, three’s a crowd” has clearly never been lucky enough to experience the amazing and sensual massage therapy known as a “4 hands massage”. For many men across the globe, it is a shared fantasy of having two beautiful women tend to you in a physical way, and a 4 hands massage allows you to experience this.

So what is a 4 hands massage? A four hands massage is a massage that is performed by two masseuses at the same time. Using synchronised movements, it will feel as if you are having two full body massages but at the same time. At times they might work on different parts of the body rather than keeping their movement’s synchronized. However, the will always work at the same rhythm and pace.

Where did it originate? The four hands massage is also known as the Diacqua massage and it cannot be mastered by everyone due to its high skilled levels. It is more than 2000 years old and originated from aromatherapy and other forms of massage styles.

Why are 4 hands massages more effective than a regular massage? A four hands massage is much more effective than a regular massage because it is like having two massages in one. The masseuses are able to reach different parts of the body at the same time, releasing more tension and muscular pain. This is a lot more relaxing and soothing for you as none of your body is being neglected.  

Is it sexual? Yes, you can certainly get 4 hands massage with either a happy ending massage or a full service massage. As there is extra attention being put on you, you will become more aroused than you usually do. Four hands massages tend to go beyond your usual levels of pleasure, and your orgasms will be heightened. Many people refer to a four hands massage as the “double orgasm service”. They are very erotic and teach you a lot about your body. You will learn a lot about your sexual side and what you like in the bedroom. $ hands massages are a good way to gain confidence when it comes to sex as you are interacting with two people rather than one, therefore you are learning double the amount.

How is it performed? At the beginning of a four hands, massage the client will be guided to a bed with fresh clean sheets where they will be given the privacy to undress. The masseuse will dim the lights and light scented candles to create a relaxing and soothing atmosphere. The masseuses will stand either side of the client and begin by pouring warm, scented oils of their body in a gentle motion. The masseuses will work on any part of your body where the feel tension r muscle ache, helping to reenergize you and make you feel better. They will then pay attention to your genitals, which will cause high levels of pleasure due to having 4 hands. They will then use their hands on different parts (for example one could be massaging your balls while the other your shaft). This makes your orgasm a lot more intense when you climax and you feel as if it also lasts a lot longer than your usual climax.

Do you get to choose what masseuses perform it? Most massage parlours want their clients to have the best possible experience they can while visiting. Therefore, they usually allow you to choose the masseuse’s that you want. Many parlours have a wide range of girls to choose from. Some men may choose two girls who are rather similar, while other men select very different masseuses. You will feel like a kid in a sweet shop!

Will four hands massage help with my confidence? Many men have stated that a 4 hands massage was surprisingly a confidence booster for them. Many are nervous and apprehensive about receiving one as they have two girls to impress rather than one. However, the client soon learns that the masseuses do not pass any judgement and they are there to treat you like a king and make you feel good. This enables you to leave all of your insecurities behind and enjoy sex as you should.

Overall, a four hands massage is always a better option than any other massage. It is double the fun and doubles the pleasure. You will experience leaves of pleasure which you never thought was possible.

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