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Why getting an erotic massage is the best way to lose your virginity

Are you a virgin? If so, there is only one answer. Erotic Massage

Losing your virginity is a milestone, a rite of passage and a breakthrough in your life. While most of us want our ‘first time’ to be special, the stresses which come with it can make it more of a chore than a heavenly experience in your life. Here at Canary Wharf Massage, we believe an erotic massage is the best way to lose your virginity, here we are to tell you more…

You get lucky with the girl of your dreams

Let’s be honest, if you’re going to remember any sexual experiences you’ve had in your life your first time is guaranteed to be one of them. So why settle for losing your virginity to anyone when it could be with the girl of your dreams? It’s the protocol for erotic masseuses to be insanely gorgeous, they are often easily mistaken for high-class models. Whether your type is a bootilicious babe, a firey pocket rocket or a legs eleven beauty the erotic massage parlour will have it covered. On arrival for your erotic massage you will be able hand-pick your therapist – you’re sure to feel like a kid in a candy shop! As sexperts, we believe you should never settle for anything less for your first time.

The masseuses will make you feel comfortable

One of the main worries of losing your virginity is feeling comfortable. Maybe you’ve never been naked in front of a female before and are a bit conscious of your penis size or your tubby stomach. However, with an erotic massage all of your body hang-ups are erased as the therapists are wonderworkers at making you feel at ease. The masseuses base their techniques on the Tantra teachings that the male body is a temple and by that, it should be worshipped. You will feel like the hottest man in the world as she sensually rubs all over you and showers you in compliments.

Erotic massage is romantic and passionate

To indulge in the euphoric wonders of sex, it’s best to take it nice and slow for your first time. Rushing into it is likely to make it more of a clumsy experience. However, masseuses are experts when it comes to guiding you through your first sexy session. Once they’ve given you a soothing full body massage, they will be given to pay attention to your erogenous zones. Feel free to inform them of what feels good throughout the session, so they’re able to incorporate these techniques more into the experience. The masseuses love to take the lead and introducing you to new positions and strokes which are guaranteed to get your love juices flowing. All you have to do is kick back and relax as you’re immersed on the finest ride of your life.

You won’t last just 30 seconds

We often hear many stories about males ejaculating after 30 seconds during their first time, don’t let this be you. We can guarantee that your hot and passionate encounter with an erotic masseuse will last a lot longer than half a minute. This is because the therapists use a special technique known as edging, which helps to delay an orgasm while building its intensity. To perform edging, the masseuse will slowly slide and grind all over your horny physique. She will then read your body and when you’re reaching a point of no return she will change the position before repeating the process. This edges you a powerful flurry of orgasms which can only be compared to euphoria. Let’s be honest, this wouldn’t be achieved without an erotic massage for your first time.

You don’t need to worry about STIs

When it’s your first time, it’s very easy to get caught up in the moment and forget one of the most important things when it comes to safe sex, condoms. However, each erotic massage parlour has the policy that condoms have to be worn during oral and intercourse at all times. If the clients request for a condom not to be worn, it will always be dismissed. As a double precaution, the masseuses have a routine STI check-up on a fortnightly basis, this ensures safety is at the forefront of your first time.

Are you ready to lose your virginity?

If you’re feeling like it’s the right time to lose your V plates then look no further to an erotic massage at Canary Wharf Erotic London (but only if you’re ready!) We have a friendly team of English-speaking Asian Oriental masseuses who love to navigate you through your first time and make it super special. If you’d like to find out more or arrange a booking then please dial 07767966512 today.  

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