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What is included in a full service massage?

All the questions you have ever wanted to be answered – by an erotic massage expert.

Looking to get an erotic massage but struggle with all the cryptic lingo? Don’t worry, you’re not alone.  Fortunately for you, we have spoken to the top erotic masseuse in London Yuki –who trained in the finest massage academy in Kyoto, Japan, before moving to the exclusive erotic massage parlour in London town. Yuki is a full trained tantric masseuse that also specialises in the exciting nuru, lingam and prostate massage styles… We sat down with Yuki to ask some questions that frequently come up when clients are new to erotic massage and don’t know what’s what.

X: So Yuki, let’s jump right in shall we. What is Full service and why is it called that?

Y: Well I guess full service is called full service because, pardon me repeating myself, with full service you get full/ all the services. You get everything basically, everything we offer. Typically all parlours offer the same thing with full service. With this package, you will get the erotic massage style of your choice along with a happy ending, oral and sexual intercourse.

X: And while we’re at it, what is a happy ending?

Y: A happy ending means hand relief.

X: What do you think the best massage style to get full service with is?

Y: Now I can’t answer that- everyone’s different! Some people love prostate massage, other people wouldn’t dream of having someone near their butt! I mean what I would say to a first timer that is interested in heightening their sexual pleasure is that tantric massage is an excellent introduction to the vast wonders of sexual play.

X: And what is tantric massage?

Y: I’d say tantric massage is my favourite massage style. It is amazing to witness a client’s blossom sexually during this procedure. This massage style derives its practice from Hindu/Buddhist teachings. The teaching is that we can learn to control our inner sexual pleasure, having control of this energy enables you to experience intense sexual pleasure throughout the body- not just in the genital areas. The role of the masseuse is to guide the body into a relaxed and calm state, we do this by massaging all areas of the body, easing muscle tension and stress, leaving the client in a state of blissful ecstasy. At this point the masseuse will focus on areas of sexual heightening, moving around the body- edging the client to the brink of orgasm again and again, but by preventing them from reaching that final point of ejaculation, the client experiences a building of pleasure inside, as this euphoric sensation grows within the body they will experience a full body orgasm that will leave them writhing in pleasure. Once you finally ejaculate you will feel an out of a body, intense sexual experience unlike anything you may have felt before, it really is mind blowing.

X: Wow sign me up! I mean I can see with tantric why you would want full service…Are there any other styles that go well with full service?

Y: I guess I wouldn’t say there was any that was not suitable for full service… but I guess a prostate massage is ideal for anyone getting full service- if that’s your bag.

X: So what would full service prostate be like?

Y: Prostate massage is focussed on creating a phenomenal orgasmic experience for men. It is a true fact that men can often not experience orgasmic pleasure as mind blowing as that experienced by females. The reason behind this because in the same way women become sexually aroused by the massaging of their clitoris, men’s orgasm spot is located in the prostate- it is the prostate gland in fact, that on massaging will create pure sexual gratification and orgasms that will blow your mind. Mixing a prostate massage with full service is the perfect service to really let go. With prostate massage clients feel totally open and available to experience more… this is why I would say get full service, it’ll be the best sex you ever had.

X: Wow, can’t argue with that.  Is there anything you would recommend clients opting for full service for the first time should do?

Y: Umm, let me think. Yes- I’d tell them no worries, so many men come to see me nervous and they needn’t be. This massage service is all about treating you, making you feel special and delivering you pleasure.  I would also say that having a shower before your massage is a good idea! I always shower before an appointment; it makes me feel fresh and ready for something. When clients to not shower they can feel embarrassed, especially if they are producing an odour.  Also, do not drink alcohol- it will make you want to pee and will distract you from the pleasure of the massage.

X: Well this has been incredibly useful- thank you Yuki!

Y: No worries, anytime!

If these words from an erotic masseuse have got you interested, at Canary Wharf Erotic we have our very own Full massage service for gentlemen of London incall or outcall. For bookings call 07767966512

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