What service is the best for a single person this valentine’s day

Valentine’s Day Fun

Ah Valentine’s Day, the most wonderful day of the year for some people… and the most dreaded day of the year for others. It is strange to think that a holiday such as Valentine’s Day has the power to make all of us singletons feel isolated and lonely, even if we have chosen to live our life relationship free. After all, it is just another bloody day of the year!

Despite the fact that over half of the adult population in the U.K are in fact single, it is very easy to fall into the illusion that you’re a single loser who will forever live at home with your 7 cats and fridge full of Ben & Jerry’s ice-cream.

However, what if I told you that we had the perfect solution to trump your loneliness and make you absolutely love being single on Valentine’s Day?

You would probably think that I am a loner in denial, but trust me, being single on Valentine’s Day definitely has its triumphs and if you allow me to play cupid for you then I will take you on a guide of exactly why an erotic massage is better than any partner…

Sex is great, so are massages, we all crave both of them and we all need both of them. Sex with a partner is great and so is them giving you a massage, but have you ever received one of them from a professional? Probably not, or you would definitely be single… If you are single on Valentine’s Day and want to have some fun, these are the best erotic massage services for you to get –

  • Happy Ending massage – A Happy Ending massage is pretty much what it says on the tin. You will receive a full body to body massage from the masseuse while you are both naked while she helps you to relieve any muscle tension or pain you may be experiencing. Although it may feel a lot like a traditional therapeutic massage as it pulls methods from Swedish massage, she will add the erotic element to it by providing you with hand relief at the very end of your session that will give you that orgasmic bliss and happy ending that you wanted!


  • Prostate massage – Although a prostate massage may have been traditionally used for medical reasons or health benefits, over the last few decades it has become increasingly popular for pleasure purposes. However, this is not a surprise as the prostate gland holds the key to the male G-Spot. You can massage the prostate gland by either inserting your finger in a hook-like shape in the anus or using your knuckles to knead the perineum; both will create intense pleasure if performed correctly. Many men have said they have orgasmed simply from prostate play and that it has made their orgasms last longer and also feel more intense.


  • Nuru Massage – This special and unique massage style originated in Japan, however, it is greatly loved in the U.K and is sure to take London by storm this Valentine’s Day. Using gel made from natural extracts and Nori seaweed gel, the masseuse will apply it to the client’s naked body. She will then use her naked body to slip and slide all over you, creating intense pleasure and making you feel aroused. This massage style is very intimate; however, the close body to body contact feels amazing.


  • Full Service massage – A Full Service massage is not only a crowd favourite but also a crowd pleaser. It combines elements of a normal therapeutic massage and an erotic massage to bring you maximum relaxation and pleasure. The masseuse will begin with a naked, full body to body massage, followed by hand relief, oral and also sexual intercourse. This massage will help you reach orgasmic bliss and sexual fulfilment more easily than other types of massage therapy.



  • 4 hands massage – If you want to treat yourself this Valentine’s Day, why not try a 4 hands massage? This erotic massage is performed by two masseuses at the same time. The masseuses will work in a synchronized motion to perform maximum pleasure for you. What a treat!



  • Couples massage – If you are not single and in a relationship and need to spice up things in the bedroom, then a couple’s massage could be the perfect solution. Not only is it fun and exciting, but it can also rekindle the love and passion between you and your partner.

Soapy Shower massage – If you are looking for something extra fun and different to try on Valentine’s Day then I suggest a soapy shower massage. Packed with fun, adventure and passion, this massage will make you very glad you are single and show you the perks of being able to share the company of an erotic masseuse anytime you want.

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