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How is a body to body massage with a masseuse for the first time

Religion vs Sex

To the guy thinking about getting a body to body massage with a masseuse for the first time,

Don’t worry – you will enjoy it.

My name is Samuel and I come from an extremely Christian background, where my family eat, breathe and sleep all things, Jesus. The moment I was born my parents decided to baptize me into the Hillsong Church and without any choice, I was forced to believe that God was good, perfect, holy and we should always do what he asks of us. I tried my best to be a good Christian and every decision I made in my life I kept god in mind and what he would want of me.

On the surface, my life seemed happy and perfect. I had a lovely home, a caring family and a supportive Church and religious community. Little did I know that I was part of a legalistic religious culture, one that dominated my life and emphasized rules, obedience, emotion and behaviour. This affected my life massively, which I soon realised when I moved the state to go to a non-Christian college. I didn’t really have friends outside of the church as I was taught that sex, drinking and drunks were bad and that I’d be a shame to my family, community and God if I even thought about them.

I began to want to drink alcohol like my new friends at university I wanted to talk to girls and have sex with them and I’d rather go to a party than go to church. I felt so bad for having these thoughts and told myself that it was a sin to be thinking these things. These feelings became very surprised deep inside me and I was becoming torn up inside, tormenting myself for having thoughts and instructs that were only natural for a young man of my age.

I eventually decided to seek help, but not from my church or anyone of the Christian faith. I talked to a mental health adviser at college who made me realise that not doing exactly what my family church want of me does not make me a bad person. I took this advice on board and tried to live my life over the next few weeks without guilt or regret. After all, God is supposed to love us no matter what our sins.

I got drunk, I smoked cannabis, I partied, and I even missed church for a few weeks. However, I was much too nervous to speak to a girl, therefore, it was rather hard to lose my virginity. I got talking to some of the guys in maths society who were also virgins and they told me they were planning on going to one of the erotic Asian massage parlours downtowns to do the deed I felt apprehensive about this, however when I researched more into it I found they had a “girlfriend experience” service which sounded perfect for me as I wanted it to be as respectful and natural as anybody else’s first time.

We got to the massage parlour and we were greeted by a stunning, oriental masseuse who had a kind smile on her face. It was like when my family and I entered the church on a Sunday morning and the pastor warmly welcomes us. I felt at ease and the atmosphere was very kind and relaxed. The massage parlour was clean and orderly and it felt extremely professional.

We were guided to a waiting room where we were given leaflets will the different services they provided and the different masseuses they had working that day. I got to choose the masseuse I wanted from a range of beautiful girls and selected a Japanese masseuse who was of similar age to me. This made it feel a lot more natural and less I was less nervous knowing she was on the same page as me. She guided me into a private room with a clean, fresh bed and a dimmed light to set the mood. There were showering facilities and towels provided therefore I was able to freshen up before the session began.

He asked me if I wanted to undress or if I would like her to do it, and I decided I would rather do it myself. I undressed and lay on the bed on my stomach and she slowly began to pour warm, scented oils over my body and rub gently but firmly. I immediately became aroused and I wasn’t sure if this was due to my lack of sexual experience (non-existent) or because it was just really good. She massaged all of my muscles, releasing all of the physical tension within my body. However, I felt a sense of relief mentally and emotional too. This felt strange for me as I usually pray or speak to God to do this, so it was nice to find another way to release my worries.  The masseuse then turned me around and began to massage my penis in a steady manner, which felt incredible. She then rubbed her naked body all over mine and looked into my eyes with a caring grin. It felt very intimate and I was amazed that I had not experienced this human contact before as it was so pleasing and pleasurable. She then took my penis and sat on it, letting it enter inside her while slowly moving up and down on it. I held her hips, guiding her up and down. It was highly exhilarating and before I knew it I was climaxing. It was a blissful moment and I felt closer to God than I ever had.

God gave us our bodies to feel and live, so we should feel these amazing feelings of pleasure that we are designed to feel. The Asian erotic masseuse helped me realised that we should not be ashamed of sex or our bodies because it is natural. My first body to body massage experience was more than sex, it was an awakening.

I hope you have the same experience,


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