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Six sultry extras to try with your body to body massage

Use these extras to your advantage…

Body to body has long been sought in many erotic massage parlours across the world. Even though the bodywork always promises to be soothing, sophisticated and sexy there are various naughty extras which guarantee you higher levels of pleasure. We want your body to body massage to be the spiciest experience of them all, look no further than these six sultry extras…


Extras don’t have to be super extravagant; they can be as little as the masseuse slipping some stockings and suspenders on. Stockings and suspenders have long been associated with the world of erotica. They’ll also make your jaw drop to the floor, as your masseuse is sure to look mind-blowingly irresistible. Stocks also elongates your therapist’s legs, so if you’ve always had a thing for luscious legs 11s then look no further than requesting your masseuse to wear some saucy stockings and suspenders.

French kissing

French kissing is super passionate and promises to build you and your therapist into the highest heights of intimacy. Feeling your masseuse’s voluptuous lips press against yours will feel absolutely breath-taking and will tease you for naughtier things to come. If you play your cards right then she might kiss more than just your lips!

Full service

If you love to drive yourself wild with some fifth gear fun then the full service has your name written all over it. As well as the standard hand relief, the full service also treats you to the delicious elements of oral and penetration. The sexy parts can be tailored to just how you like it, so if you prefer slow and soothing or something more raunchy and passionate then the body to body masseuses do have it covered. Be sure to discuss your sensual preferences at the beginning of the session so the masseuses really know how to get those love juices flowing.

Oral without condom

Often shortened to OWO, oral without condom promises to intensify the pleasure for you and your manhood. Feeling the masseuse lick, suck and stroke all over your erogenous zones will feel absolutely insane and is often available for just a small extra cost. Do note that while the therapists do offer oral without, they’ll never engage in intercourse without a condom – as this is against many erotic massage parlour’s policies.

Prostate massage

Prostate massage is arguably the most adventurous extras on an erotic massage menu and it’s not hard to see why. The massage involves the therapist seductively wetting her finger and slipping it inside to tease and tantalise the prostate gland. The prostate gland is the only G spot in the male body, therefore you can only imagine the mesmerising pleasure which comes with this extra. As well as feeling euphorically insane, prostate massage can also help with a full array of health problems, including prostatitis, stress and premature ejaculation. It really is the full package!


Always wanted to indulge in your wildest fantasies but not found the right girl to do it with? Then look no further than B2B therapists who love to take part in your naughtiest dreams with roleplay. Most erotic massage parlours have a dress-up box so to speak, where you’re able to cherry-pick your favourite outfit to get hot under the covers with. So if you’ve always fancied getting down and dirty with a naughty nurse, a sexy school girl or a mesmerising maid then the therapists will have it covered. You will feel like your Christmases have come all at once.

Always remember…

Always discuss what extras you desire at the beginning of the session

Body to body therapists are not mind-readers, so you need to inform them of what extras you want at the beginning of the session before the massage commences. This allows you to get the money business out the way, so you can really indulge into the wonders of the massage.

Always be respectful

At the end of the day, just like any other profession, the therapist is providing you with a service -therefore do be respectful at all times. While most masseuses are open to extras, never presume they’ll do anything your heart desires. Always be polite and ask about any extras you’re unsure about.

Always bring enough money

Extras are often available for a small extra charge on top of your standard massage fee, therefore do make sure you bring enough cash to indulge into all of your naughty extras. You don’t want the disappointment of being turned down an extra because you don’t have the correct cash. You may also want to slip your masseuse a little tip if they’ve done a good job!

Book body to body massage today

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