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Eight steps of Nuru massage

Find out the steps to your Nuru Massage

We’ll be honest in saying there’s nothing more euphoric than getting down and dirty with Nuru. While massage lovers all over the world love and rejoice the spine-tingling bodywork, little is known about Nuru by non-massage goers. So if you’re thinking about booking a session or just generally intrigued about the wonders of Nuru then here we are, with a step-by-step guide of what to expect. 

Book your appointment 

First of all, do make sure you book an appointment. Nuru massage is considered as a premium massage, with only a select few masseuses being experts in the bodywork. Arranging your massage beforehand ensures a Nuru therapist will be available for your chosen time slot. Also, booking in advance also means you’ll get the pick of the bunch in terms of what masseuse you have for your Nuru massage. 

Arrival at the parlour

When you arrive at the salon, you’ll be immediately be greeted by the parlour hostess. They will ask for your name, the service you are seeking and will show you to the gentlemen’s lounge. Once your masseuse is ready, the hostess will guide you to her treatment room to commence the fun. 

Meeting your masseuse

Once in the company of your masseuse, she will ask for a lowdown of your sexual preferences – this will allow her to tailor the Nuru massage to suit your wildest fantasies. If you prefer strokes to be slow and romantic or more raunchy and passionate then do let her know. Communication is key when it comes to getting the most out of your Nuru experience. 

Getting naked

A common question amongst Nuru first-timers is if they have to be naked for the massage. Nuru practitioners do advise you to be naked during Nuru, this is because the gel used is super sticky and runs the risk of staining clothes. Also, the more skin-to-skin contact you have as part of your massage, the more euphoric the strokes will be. However, we do understand that some clients might feel uncomfortable being fully naked from the get-go. Therefore, do feel free to inform this to the masseuse who will then be able to undress you to your comfort level as the session progresses.

The massage begins

And so, time for what you’ve been waiting for – the Nuru massage to begin. The masseuse will position you on your front and start to warm the gel with her soft hands. In Nuru, a specialised Japanese gel known as Nori is used to make the strokes extra sensational. She will then drizzle the oil onto every inch of your body, before gently rubbing in with her tantalising finger-tips. 

Cue the saucier bits

Once every area of your body is slathered in oil, she will then begin to turn her attention to some naughtier bits. Experience breath-taking euphoria as she slides and grinds her perfectly-formed boobs and booty all along your back, every stroke will leave you with shivers down your spine as you experienced an intensified pleasure. 

Time to get frisky 

When you’re feeling super relaxed and ultra-turned on, your gorgeous masseuse will turn her attention to your front.  Allow her dainty fingertips to trail down to your manhood for the real fun to commence. She will cup your balls, trace circles on your tip and jerk your penis until you reach an overwhelming point of no return. Whether you want to leave the sexy time there or take it further is entirely your choice.  Many Nuru masseuses also offer full service as part of the experience. 

Share a shower

Sharing a shower with your stunning masseuse is the perfect finale for your Nuru massage. Not only does it allow you to wash off all of the Nori gel, but it also gives you extra time to have some steamy passion with the therapist. You’ll not want the fun to end, that’s for sure!

Book your Nuru massage

Now we’ve given you a step-by-step guide with all things Nuru, it’s time to book your appointment. Here at Canary Wharf Erotic, we host a variety of stunning oriental therapists who supply you with a luxurious, authentic and seductive Nuru massage every time you book with us. Contact us from 10am to 3am, seven days a week to kick-start your Nuru journey the five-star way. 07767966512

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