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The channel where we discuss a different erotic massage style every month. From these discussions, we hope to give you a clearer and wider understanding of some of the most loved massage styles available in the UK today. We will inform you not only of the massage styles origins and what they consist of. This month you are in for a treat! As it is February, the month of love, the month of Saint Valentine I have decided to celebrate one of the most sensual most intimate massage styles in history! I am of course talking about the naughty but nice Asian Nuru Massage.

Nuru massage came from humble beginnings. Originating in a small town in Japan, a popular erotic masseuse who went by the name of Hamada went down to the bathing hole one day and had a sort of epiphany. A bit of cultural history before we get started- In Japan at this time (only in the 1980’s mind) the wealthiest of folk would use a body scrub made out of nori seaweed- a rare Japanese seaweed that has a strange consistency, unlike anything you may have encountered before. This nori seaweed gel has this peculiar property making it slippery to touch whilst also regaining stickiness. It really is difficult to describe without experiencing it yourself, but watching the wealthy aristocrats’ scrubbing they with the stuff gave Hamada an idea. Wouldn’t this nori/ or ‘nuru’ gel be the excellent base of an erotic massage? Trying it out on her own clients with many successes Hamada shared the idea with other masseuses, suddenly word about it spread like wildfire; everyone wanted to try Nuru! Almost 40 years later and Nuru massage is recognised all over the world as being one of the most exciting and sensual massage styles you can get. Who knows what happened to Hamada… perhaps she is still living in that small town, perhaps she is dead, maybe she is on facebook- I haven’t looked, nor will I. What remains, wherever Hamada is, is what she brought to us, what she brought to the world; and that my friend is the gift of Nuru massage.  

Of all the massage styles available in the world right now Nuru massage is probably the hardest to describe. It’s one of those all-consuming experiences that only comes around once in a while… the sort of experience that takes you to another realm and re-ignites your sexual flame. Above all this massage style is sexy, it lowers your inhibitions and gives you the opportunity to play; something we tend to neglect to do as adults. Wouldn’t you enjoy spending an hour having unadulterated sexy fun? I sure know a lot of men that do enjoy such pleasures. I have asked a few Nuru fans to offer up their accounts of what it’s like to get said massage in hope that it will give you a clearer insight into what you should expect to experience when you go for your first Nuru massage. Let’s get started, shall we!

First up let me introduce you to Paul. He works in the city and has just turned 30.

Paul, London, 30.

The first time I got a Nuru massage was what maybe two years ago? Feels like it was much longer ago than that. I guess it was such a life changing moment I think I went through some sort of transformation post it, I’ve not been the same guy since. I don’t want that to sound like a bad thing- really it was quite the opposite. I’ve always been a shy lad and never had much of a sexual drive. I went to get a Nuru massage because a colleague recommended it. He told me that he had never experienced such a euphoric rush- I mean without drugs? It was something I had to try. On getting the massage I could completely see what he meant. The masseuse being a professional and taking me through the whole experience meant that I never felt embarrassed or grew shy. I knew why I was there and so did she. We ended up having so much fun, I would never use the phrase ‘I let my hair down’ but I can’t think of a more appropriate way to describe it. I left the massage parlour feeling braver and happier than I had in a long time. The intense sexy foreplay made me so focussed on the pleasure that all the other stuff in my head that usually stresses me out and leaves me unable to climax slipped away- meaning that my sex drive was at full capacity. Since then I haven’t had a sexual problem since! I mean isn’t that remarkable?

Next, we have Tom, he’s a good friend of mine and a man of few words…

Tom, London, 28.

Three words: Really. Fuckin. Incredible.

What more is there to say? Well, all that’s left to say is when are you booking your Nuru massage?

I’d recommend you check out our Nuru Massage service, there you will find expertly trained Nuru masseuses who can give you the authentic Nuru experience, as invented by Miss Hamada all those years ago.

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