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Nuru massage, in my opinion, is so delightful that I can’t think of a bad time to get a Nuru massage- maybe don’t get one the day you get out of major heart surgery or if you’ve literally just had a stroke or something but other than those two exceptions I’d say go wild- get one on your lunch break, get one on your grandmas birthday, get one on yours! But in all seriousness there is, in fact, a few times in life that I’d say you definitely should get a Nuru massage- for the rest of the time, I’d say do it if you feel like treating yourself, of course. It is only one these special times that I actually think getting a Nuru is a MUST.

So let’s go through the list then-

Let’s start with an obvious one:

After a Breakup.

And I’m not talking about every time a girl you’ve been on one or two dates with ghosts you- I’m talking about those times of real heartbreak, the kind that makes the pit of your stomach feel hollow and your heart heavy. The ones that got away or just couldn’t make it work. (N.B- If you are the victim of a cheating partner I would recommend you go even further and get yourself a Nuru with four hands massage- which means you will have two girls pleasuring you at once…) But for your standard soul-crushing heartbreak, Nuru is the one.


It can be difficult after a break up to take the next step and be with someone else, we somehow feel like that cements the closed page of that past relationships chapter- even though it’s already as dead as a horse. It’s just difficult to move on, as well as that the break up may have left you feeling emotionally vulnerable, insecure, with low confidence and particularly a shadow over sexual pleasure.

This isn’t a ‘have a shag to get over your ex’ this is giving yourself a completely new and adventurous sexual experience that will be so far removed from anything you got up to with your ex that you will be able to separate the two in your mind- allowing you the space to focus on the present moment and enjoy yourself accordingly.

There is nothing as hot and exotic as a playful Nuru session. And there’s nothing better than realising you can have more fun now that you’re out of that relationship.

And one you might not have thought of….

Work Stress.

When you’re experiencing a stressful period in work the last thing you might think of doing is booking yourself in for a Nuru massage- there’s no time! Right? Wrong! There’s always time to fit in a Nuru massage and it is in these periods of high stress that you should really consider getting a Nuru massage. Stress can kill or at least do lasting damage to your mind and body. Take a step back and treat your body and mind to some sensual therapy.

work stress

When you experience Nuru, your body goes through a sort of re-awakening; you will once again feel pure and blissful pleasure, the pleasure so intense that any outside negative feelings and worries will melt away. The masseuse will tend to all of your tightening muscles and give you the relief that you so desperately need at this time.

The benefit of getting a Nuru in times of stress isn’t just a method of burying your head in the sand- quite the opposite actually… You will discover that on having your Nuru massage you will feel more limber, your head will be clearer and you will be full of positive hormones like serotonin that are released during the session. People that get Nuru know how you are left feeling dramatically happier and calm post session.

The Important one:

When life isn’t fun anymore.

I say this is the important one because really there is a time in everyone’s life, times actually, that I’d say that we shouldn’t just sit in our own sorrow. When the world loses its shine and we start to believe nothing will e fun again it can be incredibly difficult to shake this feeling. You could go to the doctor and get some pills or go and talk over and over again with a therapist but really a much more effective, natural and fast acting cure would be to book yourself in for a Nuru massage.

Without even getting too bogged down in the science of it, consider only this- human touch is massively important, so important that without it humans become depressed. It’s a fact that if humans go prolonged periods without the touch of another we withdraw and experience a drop in our positive hormones. This can be fatal.

A depressed man before nuru massage incall

As a society, we still struggle to see sex or anything remotely erotic as nothing but indulgent and naughty, when in fact it’s something much more fundamental and necessary to us as a human race. A Nuru massage is one of the most exciting and thrilling massage styles to get so will immediately allow you to see the lighter side of life whilst simultaneously refuelling your body with the intimate powers of human connection and touch.

Don’t be embarrassed or experience doubt and shame, it is not your fault you live in a country that demonises sex and pleasure. In the East erotic massage is as commonly used as going to a GP or psychologist, the Western world just hasn’t matured to that point yet.

When your mental health is low the best thing you can do for yourself is to treat your body like a king and shower yourself in pleasure and happiness- everything a Nuru massage represents.

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