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Let’s Break the Stigma Surrounding Prostate Massage

Guaranteed you will not pass on a Prostate Massage when you hear what’s involved.

Over the last few years there has been a rise in the interest of anal sex, pegging, rimming and prostate massages and with 2019 looking a lot more optimistic for leaving behind traditional and societal norms, prostate massage is looking to take the year by storm. This news is very exciting and encouraging, because not only are there huge health benefits of prostate massage, or “prostate milking” as some people like to call it, this unique massage style is also highly pleasurable for men to experience.

However, we know that many people are too embarrassed to ask about prostate massage which often means that it is an area of our sex lives and body, that we do not explore. Hopefully by being more open about t then we can break the taboo surrounding prostate massage therapy and we can all finally start enjoying it – after all, it does feel incredible. If more men are willing to talk out loud and ask questions about it then hopefully it will mean that the stigmatization of anal play among heterosexual males is being challenged once and for all.

If questions such as: how is a prostate massage performed correctly, is a prostate massage safe for my body, what sex toys are best for prostate massage, what health and pleasure benefits do prostate massage bring then luckily for you we have answered some frequently asked questions proposed by our clients regarding prostate massage.

Here is some information to quench your curiosity…

    1. Where is your prostate gland? Your prostate gland is a small gland that is located between the bladder and the penis. The urethra runs down the middle of the prostate gland, from the bladder to the penis, which allows urine to flow out of the body.
    2. How do you perform a prostate massage? There are two ways that you can perform a prostate massage. Firstly, in a hook like a shape, insert your finger into the anus and massage gently on the prostate gland that way. Secondly, you can use your knuckles to gently knead down on the perineum, another way the prostate gland can be reached without inserting your finger into the anus. You can also use sexy toys but you should always research beforehand to ensure it is safe and you are using them correctly.


  • Do women like performing prostate massages? According to a survey in 2015, 80% of women have stated that they would perform a prostate massage on their partner. When it comes to great sex, you need to ensure that you and your partner communicate so you both know what works for one another and what doesn’t. After all, sex is something that should be fun and that we enjoy. Therefore, if you want to try out a prostate massage but are unsure about what your partner’s views are on it, then the best solution is to be upfront about it and ask them. It can also be very fun trying out some role reversal!
  • I’m a heterosexual male; can I have a prostate massage? Can you wear a pink top? Can you be a nurse? Can you have a prostate massage? Yes, you can. The best way to lead a life that makes you happy is by not caring what other people think and by breaking barriers when it comes to stigma. With issues such as toxic masculinity, many men find themselves confining to societal norms, even if that means they do not particularly feel like in doing so they are being true to themselves. If you are nervous about bringing the prospect of having a prostate massage with your partner, friends or a sexual partner due to a fear of being judged, you should be at ease knowing that 71% of straight men that are in relationships have asked and even tried prostate massages. Therefore, you are not alone and should not be ashamed of your sexual needs and desires just because you are worried about being sexually identified wrongly.


  1. It a prostate massage good for my health? Prostate massages are not only used for pleasure, but they are also used for many medical reasons. Prostate massages help the body to release any prostatic fluid build-up that the body may be experiencing which also helps men prevent getting enlarged prostates. It can also be very beneficial for things such as performance issues and erectile dysfunction.

If you are in the central London area and would like to experience our 5* prostate massage therapy session, then please contact us via email, SMS or by phone-call. As well as our prostate massage therapy, we also provide an extensive list of erotic massages for you to choose from such as a Happy Ending Massage, Full Service massage and Nuru Massage. You also have the choice of either incall or outcall.

Our beautiful masseuses are all highly trained to a professional level to pleasure and please you. They have trained at some of the most elite massage therapy schools across Asia and have come from China, Japan and Korea to treat the lovely men of London.

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