Prostate Massage Therapy; a Trend or Taboo?

For many of you the prospect of a prostate massage may seem unimaginable and a side to your sex life that you never want to experience, while others may simply not enjoy their sex life as much without this added bonus. Nevertheless, we should all at least be educated on the subject as although it does not have to become the next big trend, it certainly should not be viewed as a taboo subject either.

Many heterosexual males are curious about trying prostate massage and the benefits it will have for them; however, they are too scared of being judged for doing so. Perhaps if more men were brought knowledge about this unique massage style they would feel more comfortable talking about this topic. Sex is one of the most natural things we as human beings can participate in and this shouldn’t be limited to just a penis inside a vagina.

Dermott, 32 – “I think for heterosexual males there is an initial fear and embarrassed about being interested in not only trying prostate massage therapy but also even wanting to know exactly what it is and how it works. We live in a society where unfortunately toxic masculinity dictates how many men act and react to certain things, not allowing them to truly be themselves. I am straight but I have no shame in vocalising my love for prostate massage and I hope that by doing so it can encourage more men, both gay and straight to not be ashamed of enjoying sexual interactions with this part of our body. I think the key to moving forward and breaking the stigma around prostate massages is by providing men with an understanding and knowledge as to how their bodies work and the different ways it can benefit them for sexual pleasure and health reasons. Initially, I was attracted to the prospect of having a prostate massage mainly because of the sexual gratification it can bring. The first time I tried it, of course, it felt a little uncomfortable but the friendly masseuse makes you feel at ease and you have to remind yourself that this is something you want to enjoy. The massage therapist always begins with a full body to body massage, making you feel relaxed and calm which is essential when preparing for a prostate massage. She then inserted her finger inside my anus in a hook-like shape to bring pleasure. After a few seconds, I could feel the effects and I became very aroused. I had never felt pleasure like this before, especially considering she had not even touched my penis. Prostate massages send rushes of pleasure throughout your whole body and although the sensation feels slightly weird at the beginning, however, once you feel at ease you begin to enjoy it a lot. Since receiving prostate massages I have been able to learn about the various health benefits it has for males such as helping to prevent prostate cancer, which many men are unaware of is even a thing. I think being open about it and talking about how a prostate massage should not be something to feel embarrassed about, there will be a lot of positive outcomes for men’s sex lives and health.”

Tariq, 45 – “I think as a bisexual man, I am obviously quite open about my sexuality, what I like and who I like doing it with. I think everyone is on the spectrum to a certain extent; however, I do not think we should base sexual desires such as having a prostate massage as being either a heterosexual or gay preference. When I proposed the idea of trying a prostate massage with a female partner once, she felt quite uncomfortable due to the fact she had the mindset that this was something only gay man did. Once I explained to her the sexual and health benefits that prostate massage therapy had and how it was the gateway to the male g-spot she was a lot more understanding and eager to try it. Having a prostate massage gives me an intense orgasm that I cannot reach through oral, sex or hand relief. I’m happy that I have discovered it and know just exactly what pleases me.”

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